November 7, 2020

GreenSwitch® Future Farming Technology

Future Farming Technology

GreenSwitch® turns manure into sustainable Nitric Nitrogen fertilizer for fertigation for both conventional and organic farming.

GreenSwitch®, the transition to sustainable agriculture

GreenSwitch® is totally in line with the European Green Deal –an ambitious project striving to fight climate change through driving policies and actions. One of the pillars under this strategy is ‘From Farm to Fork’. The EU Commission has presented this ambitious action plan to accomplish a more healthy and sustainable EU food system. The ‘Farm to Fork’ (F2F) strategy aims to make food systems fair, healthy, and environmentally-friendly. 

Nowadays, organic-based fertilizers play a more and more relevant role in addressing climate change and moving towards sustainable agriculture. Thanks to its pioneering approach, GreenSwitch® can lead the way to this change.

Taking into account the European objectives, GreenSwitch® supports the targets of ‘Farm to Fork Strategy‘ in these areas: 

  • Smart growth – GreenSwitch® is an innovation-driven solution to challenges throughout the value chain in agriculture, food, and nutrition.
  • Sustainable growth – GreenSwitch® reinforces a resource-efficient economy. The materials, the beneficial natural processes, and the production system contribute to a sustainable economy.


GreenSwitch® transforms the Ammonium of manure into sustainable Nitric Nitrogen fertilizer for fertigation.

Biogas installations are fueled by manure. During fermentation, 5 to 10% of the biomass is converted to biogas. In the remaining digestate, Nitrogen is available as Ammonium (N-NH₄). The GreenSwitch® process converts the Ammonium from the residual product and turns it into valuable unique liquid organic fast acting Nitric Nitrogen directly assimilable by the crop.

By adopting a circular economy model, GreenSwitch® organic-based fertilizers with close to zero Carbon footprint production process reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and support the sustainable development of farming. All of this without compromising the quality of the yield.

Marc van Oers
Director of Innovations – Van Iperen International

The concept

GreenSwitch® is one of the first concepts of its kind turning manure surplus into sustainable liquid Nitric Nitrogen for fertigation while producing biogas. Through a patented process, the Ammonium in the manure is transformed into high-quality sustainable fertilizer. GreenSwitch® aims to be a key-solution answer for both conventional and organic farming.

The process

How GreenSwitch® turns manure into sustainable fertilizer: